Hey there. I’m Mayank Raj, 19 and studying Computer Science.  If I’m not with friends or sleeping, I would be developing android custom firmwares. I totally love to do so and can do it non-stop for days together!!

I had my first instance with this OS somewhat 3 years ago and hated it at first simply because Nokia with it’s Symbian was what I used at that time. Then I got my first android device and got to know how wonderful this OS is. At that time I had a course in college where I learned programming language. HTML and Java to be specific. And I totally loved it. I loved the concept. What actually caught my interest was how a certain combination of word or what is called “command”, gave rise to what I interact with and see in the monitor, the way these can be used to control everything. It sounds foolish to me too now but this was what I found interesting during my start with this “Programming world”

I loved HTML. HTML or Hyper Text Markup Lunguage is used to create webpages and Java is used to make the HTML webpages interactive. During the same time I had started with rooting and roms in android. I had started visiting XDA-DEVELOPERS even more often than Facebook. Over there I met a few custom rom developers. At that time the trend had started, of developers displaying their work in their own dedicated websites. I started by making website for few such developers and helping them get their website published. In this way they saved from paying a actual web developer to set up the website and I learned a lot too! It even helped me make some pretty good friends. Along with all this I was learning the Android environment. Understood that android apps are big business and wanted to develop a android app.

In the mean I was also preparing for competitive exams for engineering. (Yeah, in the “mean time” :p )

So finally when all the exams were over and I had plenty of time to waste, I became very serious about android development. I had already learned enough of custom rom development by then and wanted to start developing one for myself. I had started to love rom development more that app development. I got S3, pretty high end phone and the best part was that it was a heavily supported by the community.

I made my first rom and still remember the chill I got when I first booted it on my S3. If I would had bricked this one I would not got a new phone till at least a year. Not that I was a armature at the time, I had already developed 7 apps which had turned out to be great and had good knowledge on kernels and recovery. But still, when you are going about it all by yourself then there is a different thrill in it.

So I got into a few custom rom development team. In the mean time I got admission into a engineering college and my android development took off. I have recently left the rom development team to do something on my own, independently. This is why I have so much of free time now that I could start a blog.

I wanted to start a blog from the beginning but at first didn’t have the knowledge and late didn’t have the time for it!!

I am open to anything you would want, any kind of help. I have had a good experience with soft-bricked and bricked devices. So if you get into any such trouble do feel free to get to me.


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