Lets begin….

I’m Starting this blog out of Boredom. Not that I don’t have any work at hand, I have my finals in 2 days but that can wait. :p

I would have been on my phone right now instead of writing this if it not for a stupid act of mine which bricked it! Tried my best to recover it but ,RIP Samsung. I would have been busy with terminal emulator and root files or maybe snapchat :p

Ok so… Enough of offtopic talks…


To begin with

I am a total total android geek ! and not one of those in your school who install 18 apps and claim to be good at droid after changing their status bar color. I have been serious about android for three years now and have started developing custom roms and kernels for myself. For those who don’t know what a custom rom is, think of android phone as your laptop and the rom to be the copy of windows your laptop runs on. So in that sense I develop a whole new “Windows” for my “laptop”, according to my needs. Add what I what and remove what I don’t !!

I own,or used to own a S3. and developed roms for it and distributed em to only friends.

So be rest assured that this blog will not bore you if you too are interested in customizing your droid. I would never ever recommend silly apps. (Specially those ram boosters and cleaners out there)

I want to make this blog noob friendly. I would start with the basic thing _Root_ and move on to what and what not to do with you device…..

I don’t have my device with me now to show what I was upto with it. But I will show you what your device is worth in the posts to come…


Share the post if you liked it and do comment and let me know if there’s anything 🙂

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