Root access….

I remember I said that I’ll talk about rooting and Google is full of it. You would get those list of  “Top 10 reasons to root” and what not !

So I won’t bug around with the same crap. Instead I would just say what “Root” means for me.

Actually the reason I still remain with android community is the way it works. The beauty of opensource projects and being a part of team from across the globe.

When my friends asks me what root a android is, I reply the same every time– Without root access is like not having admin rights of your pc. Without root access you are literally at the mercy of your manufacturer with all his boltwares and restrictions on the device. Like you paid for the device but don’t own it. (enough of examples here…  :p)

To get a bet technical on it, there is a partition on your internal storage which in blocked for user modification. This part controls the core of your phone. So you see the reason it is blocked. A small wrong modification and you could burn up your motherboard!! But as long as you don’t act silly and think of your own ways to make thing work, you can root your device and make these modifications. Just follow the instructions. I can’t give less stress to this line. I have had people begging me to guide them out of a problem which they would have had never faced if they followed the developer.

So the bright side is: You start to own the device. You can control the color of every pixel on the screen, every line of code that goes to the chipset. Change the font to your handwritting, make volume keys skip music tracks or control the character input courser with volume keys, Overclock for better performance or underclock for better battery life. All of these are the most common use. The possibility is endless.

Let me share some interesting stuff my droid does:

> Start with unlocking the device. There is no 3*3 pattern instead a 7*7 lock pattern! You can make that 100*100 too but then it gets tricky to unlock the device itself.

> I connect to my home WiFi and the lockscreen security goes off. You may argue that there are apps that do this but I get it done at system level! that means better battery life.

> I can take screenshot with long press of menu button, lock the device by double tapping it or for that matter can assign any such function to any hardware key.

The most important one is – Update your android version even after you carrier drops the device.

Yes!! Like Samsung dropped S3 stating that it cannot handle the Kitkat. Now my S3 runs Lollipop smoothly! Even S2 gets the latest version till date. Practically if your device has a good number of users then developers are more than happy to support you. Even if not, you can do it yourself. These are what Custom Roms are about.

Small group of developers which started with making these custom roms are today well known organizations doing it at for manufacturers now. Like Cynogen makes the software Oneplus One runs on.. Other big name like Omni Roms, Pacman etc are too making the community a better place. All becuse of the open soure nature.

Wow, This is going too long :p

Google can take over the rest. Next I’ll write about a app, Taker. A wonderful toll to automate and make your device do literally what you want. Like send scheduled sms, turn on the silent mode depending on your location and what not. There’s so much too it…

(ps: look up for the forum of your device on to know the rooting procedure and everything else)


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