Snapchat–Use it the way you like….

(This post comes as a part of xposed module series)

When I got into my current college I met some very interesting people here. I was not much a social person before but now the story is different. I had a Facebook account for almost six years and had posted only “Thank you” on my birthday’s :p Mainly because I liked to be around people in person then on the internet. But when you see whole of your class doing something you feel like trying that, don’t you? That’s exactly how I got into “Snapchat” and even Instagram.

I found the concept amazing. Emoticons were made to better share the expressions of those chatting. This app takes it to a whole different level. What better way to show how you feel than take a pic of yourself ? Whatsapp too was quick to follow up by adding a camera shortcut right next to the typing field to enable the user to quickly take a pic,add a caption and send it in a chat. But that din’t go a long way :p

Snapchat offers a cool way of conversation….












But there are some limitations in here without which it is so much more fun…

  • Firstly the caption limit.
  • No control over caption alignment or its color.
  • Can’t set a Image from gallery as story.
  • screenshots are recorded.
  • snap replays can be seen.
  • can’t hide best friends!

All of these can be modified!! How ? Well all these actions are local based i.e. performed on device itself and then the response is sent to the snapchat servers. This is why you can modify them before the app sends them to snapchact servers. Cool right.

For the caption limitation, you need to reset the counter that keeps counts of the words typed in. To set a shap as story you need to give a image to snapchat faking it to a response from camera!!

Before we go any further, you would need to have xposed framework enabled. Get this, this and this module and enable em.

Caption limit






As I said, all that is to be done is to reset the counter. Now there is a xposed module to do that. “Snapprefs” gives you a option for that. Just tick the unlimited text option.



Text Alignment and Text colors:


Snapchat-3494694732855971221 Screenshot_2014-12-12-14-55-38see the caption aligned to the left?

In the same way there is option for right too.Enable all the options under color management in the snapprefs. Now when you take a snap next time and add a caption, Long press the “T” in the top right of the screen. A option pops up with all the diffrent options. Over here you can control every aspect of the caption, Text alignment, background color, text color, rainbow color etc



Set a Image from gallery as story :



On a non rooted phone you will need a modded snapchat client to send a image from gallery as a snap, but you cant set em as a story. With xposed all you need to do is use the share option in gallery as you would normally do and this time you would see a “Snapshare” option. Select that and you are all good to go..



Disable screenshot detection :

kunalsawhney_2014-12-10_09-43-37pinal.21_2014-12-09_17-35-54You would probably need this part the most. Snapchat detects screenshot from a system trigger and you can block it. But you will not need this. Read ahead.. :p




Save snaps and stores automatically !!


And this is done automatically everytime you see a snap or story and without any screenshot detection! Timer cannot be seen bacause these are not actually screenshots, but rather the images captured when snapchat is decrypting the images to display (Every image is received in encrypted form from server and decrypted when viewing it) “Keepchat” module was used for the same. All the stores are saved into the sdcard/keepchat folder and you can choose weather to sort the stores and snaps according to individual user.  Now no more being ready to press those buttons again before the timer goes of :p



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