Now get that full day of battery with ease…

Battery Life is one of the major concern of Android users. Getting that day full of battery is what we all want !! And to get that, you may have had installed a few (CRAP) apps from playstore too.

Not anymore. A app on itself cannot increase your battery life! Sounds strange but yeah. You need to stop the basic process which eats up unnecessary power. Learn to do just that and much much more in this tutorial.

There are two main concepts which have to be dealt with to get the best possible battery life and not compromising the daily performance as well.

1) Wakelocks

2) Background apps.


You may be familiar with the later one but the most important cause of battery drain are wakelocks patterns. To explain it in short, Wakelocks can be understood as continuous timer which executes a few functions at regular interval of time. This timer keeps on running regardless your device is being used or not and the functions can be anything from checking for app updates, checking WiFi signal or checking weather there is 3G available if you are connected with 2G. Most of the wakelocks are disabled when airplane mode is turned on and that explains the exceptional long life in the airplane mode.

Wakelocks is not a small topic and I will discuss about it in a different post.


Now on the background apps….

Background task are a important part of any OS and it would be impossible to work without em. Android also has the concept but this useful feature can easily turn into a nightmare with even a single poorly written app. Popular programs are written in such a way that they use minimum resource when not active and yet retain their core functionality.

One of the main problem is the boltware. Actually people root their droid to remove these boltwares apps. As with normal user installed apps you would uninstall em to free up space as well RAM usage thus increasing battery life. You can uninstall system apps too from /system/app folder. You can get rid of unwanted system apps and do many more things with a simple toll– Titanium Backup. (A highly recommended app if you don’t have it already)


OK , this was for apps which are not used. What about the apps I use rarely and want to keep them installed ? There are two options in here. Either FREEZE these apps or use a another great tool — GREENIFY.

Freezing app simply locks the app from loading at boot and removes all the ways to open the app. So the app is still installed, all it’s data is present but it is not accessible. It is as good as the app being uninstalled. When you want to use the app, simply Defrost it. Greenify on the other hand leaves the option of accessing the app to only the user. In this state the system or the app on itself cannot wake up the app. What ruins the game here is the wakelocks. But you still get a great edge. Best if you don’t wan’t to Freeze and Defreeze the app everytime.

These are the ways that significantly affect the battery life. I have myself never used any apps that do the job. These apps do the same thing discussed plus have significant wakelocks patterns ( Thus eating up a lot which can be saved!!)
Apart from these, you may find tutorials which recommend a certain set of settings. Well, try em and let me know too. :p


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