Thanks a ton for the response…

First thing first, THANKS FOR THE RESPONSE that you guys have given me. To be frank, I started this blog to just save myself from answering the same questions again and again. Whenever a  friend finds something interesting in my phone he would ask me how can he get that into his phone and this blog would thus serve as a answer. I had mentioned this earlier too and that was the sole reason I started writing. But the response that I am getting is amazing!! For sure it has grown much bigger than that…

I’m extremely sorry for this late post. It has been almost a month now and even I feel terrible for not being able to write for so long. I had been busy with the University exams and other stuffs.

On the brighter side, recently I even got a chance to conduct a seminar on “Android- rooting and customization” for Engineering students. It was a great experience to share what I knew. A collection of few simple hacks and much more that I have discovered over years that has made my experience better.

DSCN0284 DSCN0282 Post seminar interactions..

Apart from all this 20 OnePlus One invites were given away through the FB Page. One of the reasons why you should like the page to get every bit. ( Stay tuned for more!)

So many of you have asked me to write a detailed post on custom roms. I had previously written on it but seems as if the “overview” din’t clear up much. I’ll do so soon. Plus the “wakelock” part of the battery saving guide will be up shortly. Stay tuned…

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