Why I’m still on Kitkat and not on Lollipop…

If you would have gone through my previous posts, I have mentioned that I a firmware developer that is I develop custom roms. So this may come as a shock as a person who is in this business is not upto date with the development of the android world. Well I have some points for the same and this is why even you should consider holding on to kitkat for a bit more time.

I am assuming that you guys are running custom roms which means that you have the option to switch. Even if you are on stock roms (or are unrooted) this becomes far more important as theere is no going back !


1) Chance in the whole architecture : 

For someone not so technical this means that the whole base on which the android was operated was changed with the 5.0 branch.The way the apps were handled with the pre Lollipop version and the post versions are totally different.  And this was for good. This was supposed to increase the multitasking capability of even the devices with low ram. This move was well appreciated with the developers community.

2) But how this instead lead to even more lag :

The problem with this change was that many developers were not able to adapt to this very major change. This change required changes to the apps used by power users like XposedModule. Many developers like me have only learned Linux (Operating System that android is made up on) or any other utility just as much to get the work done. So that means knowing only what was needed and that was enough to develop good apps or other utility software’s.

So this major change forced people like me to learn a totally different approach if the apps were to be optimized. Apps are not a major concern here because it is handled by the OS itself but what is not is small scripts that rom developers include in their custom roms. Personally to me this was like learning the whole thing over again. So this required a lot of time.

This is exactly the reason that at the moment phones running lollipop start to lag. These updates to new structure is not made which means the new model introduced is not used. But the scenario is changing now. We have got enough time now to finally start making changes. So in few weeks or two more than half of the scripts and apps should be optimized which will make the experience even better than before.


3) Limited Xposed support :

This is one of the major reason I run kitkat as my daily driver. Xposed has grown today to be one of the most used project by the community after SuperSU & SuperUser. As I said, things are changing but there is still a long road ahead. And this is not only Xposed but many such power apps that need a working stable release for Lollipop. These apps don’t depend on the Framework that android offers apps to run on, but they instead run at more deeper level with the OS which has make them this popular in the first place. So if that OS or the base itself changes, these apps needs major rework.


4) Lastly, Battery :

How can such topic end without the battery being discussed ! As mentioned apps and scripts are not optimized. So that affects the battery life. But this has changed lot from what it was during the release and will only get better with the time.


Final verdict:

I have being using kitkat as my daily driver because at the moment it offers more than what lollipop can offer. OK, those wonderful animations and transitions are missed but at some point, better functionality is preferred. Not that I don’t use Lollipop at all. I develop roms on Lollipop but don’t use em as daily driver. What I expect is that in a month, there will be enough offered int the Lolllipop Section that the final transition can be made. But for now, KitKat tastes better.


Use the comment section below to let me know what you prefer…


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