TheoMano – Easing decisions…

TheoMano is about helping you. Helping you to make a better choice. Making that next decision of yours a better and a more clever one in a way like never before.First of all, this startup is the reason why this blog was inactive for about this long. I  had written a few posts, and they are still there with me but they are still not ready to be published. Lot’s of editing needed.

Ok so, now lets get into the exciting part, shall we ?

TheoMano is all about helping you. Over here you just write to us in plain and simple words, we do the research for you and then recommend the best product for you. so in other words we get a request like, “I want a phone for my parents under 10,000 INR.” In a normal situation a this person would have to go to a shop and buy the phone that the sales person suggests. Smart move ? Obviously not. So that is where we come in, we understand that the phone should have a big screen as that would help the parents, a speaker which is loud enough, battery which would last for atleast a day and processor speed is secondary to the calling and alert functionality. So then we make a suggestion. Person did not tell us all these, we got that from what he wrote to us. So that is what we are here for. Help you make better decisions.

And not just mobiles but we cover laptops and accessories too !

PHP script help

So you just fill in everything that you need into that box up there. Don’t know what Processor, Ram etc are in a mobile or have no clue how get  the best combination. Don’t worry, we have you covered up. But even if you know, fill them up so that we can make a better choice as per what you need.

Fun doesn’t end here. Apart from this we have a blown blogging platform that will be up by the 13th of June ! Many authors (including me) who have been blogging for quite a time now and even those who would start to blog will be writing. It would be exciting to see how this goes! So stay tuned.

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I would now be writing on TheoMano. If you like my work then please do follow TheoMano. And if you would like to write with us, drop in a email at TheoMano is my own startup. If you have any suggestions to improve or feel that we should add (or remove ) something, feel free to communicate to us.

|| Peace ||

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