Instagram – Now in the way you want (part I)

We all love Instagram. Post pictures, see pictures. That’s how you have been using it right ? Well that’s about to change now. Read on to use Instagram in a total new way and boy, you’re gona love it !!
First Installment to the “APP’s – they way you want” series….

This post was originally posted on the blogging platform of This rePost has just a few corrections and small additions. Enjoy and share it if you liked it 🙂


This is just a TUTORIAL for Instagram with tools and utilities that are already on the Web (some may be my own) , I’m just sharing them and take no responsibility whatsoever. But then if you feel, he did that to my favorite app, I’m so happy that I want to send him to the moon, then I’m ready for it. 

So, enough said, lets get started. shall we ?

I want you to talk to yourself for a moment. Ask yourself, “Do I love Instagram ? No, I remove the part where I stalk,  will I still love it ? Crap that. Do I like the blue color ? Everything in here is blue !! But my horoscope says pale purple is my color. Damn you Instagram developers. If Instagram would have been all pale purple, I would have got more likes for my pouts ! ”

Calm down there. I’m here to help you with that…


So right now, this is how your interface looks like. Same old boring blue color everywhere. What this particular trick can do is that it can help you change the base color of Instagram. I will give you a bit of how all this works so that you stop smelling a scam in here (typical Indian). Every App is made up of several lines of code. How obvious of me. So the color that the app uses is also stored in a string somewhere in those lines of code. The brand color for Instagram is #3f729b or “Dark moderate blue”.  so this color is saved as the value of a variable in that code and it is used everywhere.

So to get that maximum number of likes all that you have to do is change the value of this variable with the color of your choice. Simple, Is’nt it ? The problem is how do I do that.

So you take help of the app “ Instagram themer” Which provides a easy interface to do just this! (ps. This is a xposed module and requires xposed installer. Want to know about it ? Leave a comment below and I’ll write a post on it )

The first screen is plain and simple. Nothing fancy in here. You just select the first option and you get the ticket to what you want. This is where you get the option of selecting the color of your choice. Select the color, hit preview to seeit in action in the app itself how it would look. Feels right? Hit apply and there you have it. (You have to close and open again the Instagram app to see the changes)

Screen 1
Screen 1
The real fun

What the results look like : 


So well,  you want purple, you get purple. If gray is your color, gray it is then. So you might be fan of a certain color and have the shirt, pants,  mobile cover even shoe lace of that color, how about adding Instagram to that list !!

Next up , is something not everyone would need, that is what everyone would say in public atleast. So we all have two or more Insta accounts. One which is “ours” and one used to follow all that… well.. let’s just keep ut at “that”.  Plus some of us have to maintain several accounts and be the supercool admin of that supercool page. So till now you would have been logging in and out all the time. How do you go about it (let’s put the geek glasses ) is that you create multiple instances of the app. Change the package name so that the second app (instagram app clone)  can be installed as a “new” app. There you have it, two Instagram on the same phone with all the functionalities intact. So you use the app Instwogram. It has all the features of the original app plus the goodies.

(ps. just to avoid any conflicts, logout from your current account, Clear the cache of the app from settings, Install Instwogram and then sign in first with this app and then log in from the original app)

Multiple account
Multiple account

So that wraps up this part of  Instagram App Customization, this is a part of a much bigger series which takes a app and adds a hell of features you want in it, “APP’s – THE WAY YOU WANT “.
Comment down below as to how you would use these features now that you know them.

I’m open to do this to any app you want. Comment down below the feature you want in certain app. I’ll try to see if that is already out there and find it for you guys or would try to implement them myself !

Many more such hacks like customizing the double tap or like behavior, direct sharing of posts or even adding zoom functionality and many more are about to come in the next part!!


I would be more than thankful if you would give my startup TheoMano a small shout out to help me reach more people. You can connect with me through my Instagram account @mayank9856 and I would be more than happy to provide you with a pic for the the same.


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