Multitask in style… [LMT]

For the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting much more frequently. EXAMS DONE!!  And thank you guys for the response. That surely does help 🙂



So today I have zeroed on LMT launcher. Don’t let the name misguide you. It’s not a conventional launcher you know. In fact it isn’t one too!! It is one of the best multitasking tool that you can have. Mark my words- THE BEST.

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Let the real fun begin..

I’m really excited for this post. It’s where the real motive of me starting a blog begins. When someone questions me about how did that happen on my phone I really feel like telling everything. Every modification that I have made. Not to show it off that I know it  but because I like to share it. But it’s a matter of time that the person starts to think that why did he ask that in the first place and I’m interpreted in a wrong manner (Though I care a shit. :p)

But now I’ll just say, “Hey, I write a blog on it. Why don’t you check it out ?”  

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Root access….

I remember I said that I’ll talk about rooting and Google is full of it. You would get those list of  “Top 10 reasons to root” and what not !

So I won’t bug around with the same crap. Instead I would just say what “Root” means for me.

Actually the reason I still remain with android community is the way it works. The beauty of opensource projects and being a part of team from across the globe.

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Lets begin….

I’m Starting this blog out of Boredom. Not that I don’t have any work at hand, I have my finals in 2 days but that can wait. :p

I would have been on my phone right now instead of writing this if it not for a stupid act of mine which bricked it! Tried my best to recover it but ,RIP Samsung. I would have been busy with terminal emulator and root files or maybe snapchat :p

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