Take control of your privacy….

[This post comes as a part of xposed series]

Are you worried about your privacy? Ever thought why a music player would need a permission to your “contacts” ? or sometimes you just don’t want some apps to show up in the recent apps list. Wondered how to trick the playstore to show apps and games made for tablets on your device so that you get to download it directly from playstore? How about disabling autosleep feature for some specific apps (obviously that can be done by touching the screen again and again but why if there’s a better way?)

All of this and much much more in this post on “Xposed app setting

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Let the real fun begin..

I’m really excited for this post. It’s where the real motive of me starting a blog begins. When someone questions me about how did that happen on my phone I really feel like telling everything. Every modification that I have made. Not to show it off that I know it  but because I like to share it. But it’s a matter of time that the person starts to think that why did he ask that in the first place and I’m interpreted in a wrong manner (Though I care a shit. :p)

But now I’ll just say, “Hey, I write a blog on it. Why don’t you check it out ?”  

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Lets begin….

I’m Starting this blog out of Boredom. Not that I don’t have any work at hand, I have my finals in 2 days but that can wait. :p

I would have been on my phone right now instead of writing this if it not for a stupid act of mine which bricked it! Tried my best to recover it but ,RIP Samsung. I would have been busy with terminal emulator and root files or maybe snapchat :p

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