Snapchat–Use it the way you like….

(This post comes as a part of xposed module series)

When I got into my current college I met some very interesting people here. I was not much a social person before but now the story is different. I had a Facebook account for almost six years and had posted only “Thank you” on my birthday’s :p Mainly because I liked to be around people in person then on the internet. But when you see whole of your class doing something you feel like trying that, don’t you? That’s exactly how I got into “Snapchat” and even Instagram.

I found the concept amazing. Emoticons were made to better share the expressions of those chatting. This app takes it to a whole different level. What better way to show how you feel than take a pic of yourself ? Whatsapp too was quick to follow up by adding a camera shortcut right next to the typing field to enable the user to quickly take a pic,add a caption and send it in a chat. But that din’t go a long way :p

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