Theme any app to your taste….

Ever wanted to change a icon from within a app to something you liked ? Like the flappy bird showing up as a picture of your friend!! Change the name of the app to something you liked! Get along to be able to theme any app.

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Take control of your privacy….

[This post comes as a part of xposed series]

Are you worried about your privacy? Ever thought why a music player would need a permission to your “contacts” ? or sometimes you just don’t want some apps to show up in the recent apps list. Wondered how to trick the playstore to show apps and games made for tablets on your device so that you get to download it directly from playstore? How about disabling autosleep feature for some specific apps (obviously that can be done by touching the screen again and again but why if there’s a better way?)

All of this and much much more in this post on “Xposed app setting

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Everything “Xposed” !!!

Xposed is a hell big thing to be covered in even 10 posts!! I would be doing it in a series fashion and will be talking about individual, modules in the continued series posts.

Xposed framework is undoubtedly the best android project ever! I have been in contact with android for almost three years now and have never ever seen a project developed at this pace. The amount of participation it gets and the impact it has had on the community as whole!

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Multitask in style… [LMT]

For the next couple of weeks I’ll be posting much more frequently. EXAMS DONE!!  And thank you guys for the response. That surely does help 🙂



So today I have zeroed on LMT launcher. Don’t let the name misguide you. It’s not a conventional launcher you know. In fact it isn’t one too!! It is one of the best multitasking tool that you can have. Mark my words- THE BEST.

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